Monday, January 18, 2010

Two Affordable And Fun Toys for Teaching Kids to Read

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Teaching kids to read is a rewarding challenge that all parents face. These two fun and affordable toys can help teach kids to read and make reading time more enjoyable.

The Learning Journey Match It! spelling puzzle featured above can be used in a variety of ways. Teaching kids to read can actually be fun.

Kids should enjoy simply putting together the puzzle. However, for added benefit when teaching kids to read, parents can ask them to sound out the words during the process.

Kids just learning to read can still play this game, even if they don't quite know how to spell, since there is also a picture and the pieces will only fit together if they are paired in the correct order.

There are 20 of the word puzzles. Each puzzle has 3-4 pieces.

The GINMIC Magnetic Letters and Numbers with Easel can be used to spell out words with magnetic letters. The alphabet letters can also be used separately from the easel to form more words on a table or other smooth surface. Switching the way you do things helps keep kids interested.

Also try writing the letters and words on the wipe off board and playing sound and word games. This helps to provide some added variety in learning letters, sounds, and words.

Using the letters, easel, and puzzles in various ways helps ensure that the child is learning the lesson and not just memorizing the words based on pictures.

Combining these two products adds more flexibility and variety. However, they also can be used separately as well.

When teaching kids to read, remember to allow time for them to enjoy the learning activities in their own ways too. This way, they don't feel forced and the education comes more natural and easily.
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