Thursday, January 29, 2015

5 Free and Easy Counting Games for Preschoolers


Counting is a fundamental skill for preschoolers, and it can be a delightful experience! As a dedicated mom and homeschool teacher, I've discovered playful and effective ways to teach counting that go beyond traditional methods. Here are my top 5 counting games that are not only simple but also a hit with the little ones.

1. "Bring Me This Many!" - Interactive Counting Fun:

Transform everyday moments into counting adventures. Ask your preschooler to bring a specific number of items, like "10 yellow blocks." If the count is off, gently guide them to the correct number. This game can be woven into daily activities, making counting a natural and enjoyable part of your child's day.

2. Counting Words In Sentences - Merging Reading With Numbers:

For kids who have mastered object counting, try counting words in sentences. This activity enhances reading comprehension and counting skills simultaneously. By identifying the number of words from capital to period, children also learn sentence structure.

3. "Tap To My Beat" - Rhythm And Counting Combined:

Use music to teach counting. With a pencil or drumstick, have your child tap along to a song, counting the beats. This not only introduces rhythm and music but also embeds counting skills in an exciting and dynamic way.

4. "Penny Toss" - Coordination and Counting:

Repurpose an old egg carton for this engaging game. Number the slots and have your child toss pennies into them, counting as they go. This game enhances hand-eye coordination, number recognition, and counting skills, all while having a blast.

5. "Red Cars Speed On By!" - Observational Counting Game:

Turn car-watching into a fun counting activity. Ask questions like "How many blue cars pass before the light turns red?" This game is versatile, perfect for homeschool settings or as a playful activity during commutes.

Conclusion: These 5 simple and engaging counting games for preschoolers are perfect for making learning numbers a fun and integral part of everyday life. With these activities, counting becomes an adventure, not a chore.

Try these games with your little ones and share your fun counting moments with us!

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